Kelly Reilly

  1. Rachel McAdams, True Detective, TV, 2014.   The second season could never match the impact and huge viewership – averaging 11.9m – of the first HBO season. They were both written by exec producer Nic Pizzolatti and even if the second show was better, no one would say so as the first had long since entered the pantheon alongside The Sopranos, Oz, The Wire, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Locale changed from Southern to West Coast noir, still owing everything to Elmore Leonard. Last time, two cop guys; this time, guy and gal. They were considered a flop. Malin Akerman, Jaime Alexander, Jessica Biel, Cate Blanchett, Oona Chaplin, Jessica Chastain, Rosario Dawson, Brit Marling, Elisabeth Moss, Kelly Reilly, Abigail Spencer were all up for the role of Detective Ani Bezzerides…. opposite Colin Farrell. Oh and Kelly Reilly, before given the wife of career criminal Vincent Vaughn.

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