Kelsey Grammer

  1. Gerry Bamman, Home Alone,  1990.     Scenarist-producer John Hughes penned  Macauley Cukins’s Uncle Frank for the then largely unknown Grammer.  Daniel Von Bargen, habitual villain or authoritarian figure with much scrambled egg on his uniforms, joined the mix – won by Bamman. Grammer starred in just two series (Cheersand Frasier) for 20 years, 1984-2004 – tying with Gunsmoke’s James  Arness,1955-75, as the longest role by an actor on prime-time TV.   
  2. Jonathan Freeman, Aladdin, 1991.    Disney’s voice choices for Jafar, our hero’s foe, the Sultan’s evil vizier, were Grammer, Tim Curry, John Hurt, Christopher Lloyd. Plus the future X-Men foes, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Merging Boris Karloff with Vincent Price, Freeman remained in Jafar mode (for sequels and video games) for the next 20 years.
  3. Leslie Nielsen, Dracula – Dead And Loving It,   1995.     Rejected $3m for the  Mel Brooks spoof.
  4. Ty Burrell, Mr Peabody & Sherman, 2012.    Grammer, Robert Downey Jr, and Geoffrey Rush, were run up the DreamWorks flagpole for voicing Mr. Peabody. Who. Is. A. Dog. (But, yes, the  most amazing dog in  history – inventor, scientist, Noble laureate, gourmet chef, business tycoon, double Olympic gold medalist. With its own time machine. Plus an adopted human son!   Burrell, the Modern Family TV star was saluted for a voice  suiting “not just the intellect and the suave personality, but the underlying warmth as well.” 


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