Kevin Pollak

  1. Garry Shandling, Love Affair 1994.   “I wanted Kevin Pollak and cast him immediately,” said auteur Glen Gordon Caron.  Then, he thought again and told his producer and star, Warren Beatty – “or Gary Shandling.” “Who?” said Beatty. He spent the next few hours watching tapes of the comic’s classic series, The Larry Sanders Show, and that’s how he became Beatty’s agent in the unnecessary second re-make of te 1938 weepie.  Beatty later called Garry to sub for an injured Gérard Depardieu in Town & Country… the fifth of six consecutiuvev  Beatty flops.   Curtain!
  2. Jim Broadbent, The Borrowers, 1996. Hugh Bonneville, Ian McNeice,Kevin Pollak were short-listed  for  Pod Clock, patriarch of the tiny family living  beneath the floorboards of a house owned by ”human beans” –  in the fourth of six  screen versions (including a Japanese toon)  of the 1952 Mary Norton  book about the four-inch high Clock family  living  beneath the floorboards of a house owned by ”human beans.”  Peter Sellers nearly played the role in 1962.
  3. David Schwimmer, Apt Pupil US-France-Canada, 1997.  Pollak ws first boked for Edward French, then replaced by Schwimmer when director Bryan Singer  caught him in an LA play. So nothing to do with his Friends fame at all !!!  The 62nd of Stephen King’s staggering 313 screen credits was rightly slapped down as “an uneasy hybrid of the sacred and the profane.”  
  4. Ty Burrell, Mr Peabody & Sherman, 2012.      Pollak,  Dan Aykroyd, Robert Downey Jr, Kelsey Grammer, Tony Hale, Matthew McConaughey, Freddie Prinz Jr, and Geoffrey Rush, were run up the DreamWorks flagpole for voicing Mr. Peabody. Who. Is. A. Dog. But, yes, the most amazing dog in history:  inventor, scientist, Noble laureate, gourmet chef, business tycoon, double Olympic gold medalist. With its own time machine. Plus an adopted human son!. Burrell, the  Modern Family TV star was saluted for a voice suiting “not just the intellect and the suave personality, but the underlying warmth as well.”    

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