Kristine Miller

  1. Mary Castle, Stories of the Century, TV, 1954-1955.    “They wanted me but I was expecting my first baby.” So Mary did the first 26 shows.  “They decided they needed a change, so they called me.  My baby was six months old, so I did the final 13.” She told Mike Fitzgerald she would have been  happy with 13 more.   But even after winning the 1955 Best Western Series Emmy award, the Republic Pictures chief eagle, Herbert J Yates, suddenly preferred The Adventures of Fu Man Chu. “That was a failure, so both series disappeared – and Republic soon went away!”
  2. Lizbeth Scott, I Walk Alone, 1947.     During her Paramount contract days, Miller made a “wonderful” test with Burt Lancaster. “I enjoyed Burt very much. A good physical specimen, because of his time in the circus, he was macho and sensitive.” What went wrong? Scott decided she wanted the role. “And Lizbeth got whatever she wanted – from Hal Wallis! [Laugh]. So, I got the second part instead.”

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