Kristoffer Tabori

  1. Al Pacino, Panic in Needle Park, 1970.    Listen…  Quentin Tarantino  is talkiing with Panic  director Jerry Schatzberg : You always wanted Al Pacino, right? “Yes, but they didn’t want him. I had to convince them.”Because Warner wanted Kris  Tabori. ”He was a little more popular at that time, the rising star.” said Taranatino. Oh really, that’s not the way I remember him. Indeed, after  short roles in The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kickerand Making Itin thje 70s, Tabori , son of director Don Siegel and Swedish actress Viveca Lindfors, was mainly on TV and voicing HK-47, HK-51 and HK 55  for the Star Wars video games.

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