Kurtwood Smith

  1. Ronny Cox, RoboCop, 1986.  When his agent called to say, yes, he was accepted for a role, Smith presumed it was Dick Jones, the character he had auditioned for.  Instead, Dutch direct or Paul Verhoeven wanted him to be Clarence Boddicker… because, in glasses, he looked like the Nazi Heinrich Himmler. So who for Jones? Steven Berkoff had played too many baddies.  Cox, none at all. Worked like a dream.  As did the movie that every studio in  town had simply laughed at.
  2. Marc de Jonge, Rambo III, 1988.     Having dropped him from the final cut ofStaying Alive, Sylvester Stallone offered the bald Smith the Russian heavy. “Woody” felt his RoboCop drug lord was enough of murderous heavies.Sly gave him anotherrole- the US state official talking Rambo into Afghanistanin the “laundry list” scene. “All the dialogue that Sly doesn’t want to have to deal with, you know?”
  3. Michael Ironside, Total Recall, 1989.   No, thank you. Been there, done domineering and sadistic and got the 1986 RoboCop tee-shirt to prove it. Which, or course, is exactly why director Paul Verhoeven called him up in the first place.
  4. Adam Godley, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, 2004.    Among the Mr Teavee choices, all famous for playing TV Dads. Smith was Red Forman during 193 episodes of That ’70s Show, 1998-2006. Also in the mix: Tim Allen, James Belushi, Dan Castellaneta (aka Homer Simpson), Ray Romano and Bob Saget. Godley was a huge 1998 hit as Kenneth Williams in London’s behind-the-Carry-On-scenes play, Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle, and Dick.


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