Lacey Chabert

  1. Courtney Barilla, Return to the  Blue Lagoon, 1990.  At age eight, Lacey  won  the role of Young Lilli in the sequel but quit for reasons unknown.  Milla Jovovich  was the teen Lilli  – the daughter (also a castaway) of Brooke Shields andf Christopher Atkins in the 1979 original. (Last time I saw Atkins he was having a “reading” by Theresa Caputo, in my wife’s favourite show,  the Long Island Medium. 

  2. Mila Kunis,  Family Guy, TV, 1999-2019    After providing the voice of Meg Griffin in the first 13 chapters of Seth MacFarlane’s  toon family, Lacey (at 17) had to leave to catch up with her education. Kunis took over for the  next  326 chronicles.

  3. Janaya Stephens, Left Behind III: World At War, 2004.   Schedules clashed. And the Mississippi actress with ther French name (she had another, Cosette, in Broadway’s Les Miserables for two years) had to pass Chloe Steele to Ontario’s Janaya in the apocalyptic thriller. 

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