Lady Gaga

  1. Melissa McCarthy, The Little Mermaid, 2021. It wasn’t just Ariel that everybody wanted to play. There was also Ursula, the shape-shifting octopus….  Attracting interest – and rejections – for Lady Gaga, Audra McDonald.  Plus, of course, the great R&B chanteuse, Lizzo, set her heart on being the wicked sea witch.  She sang Poor Unfortunate Souls on Twitter with white hair, purple make-up and a caption reading: “I’m Ursula. Period,” Harvey Fierstein was the rank outsider. (Hey, Harve, this is a Disney film, not John Waters!), And Lindsay Lohan, aiming to be Ariel, suggested Meryl Streep. However, the Mouse Housers voted Melissa for a second time, after The Kid, 2000.   The Covid 19 pandemic delayed the release until 2023.
  2. Laura Cayouette, Django Unchained, 2011.
  3. Keegan Connor Tracy, Once Upon a Time, TV, 2011-2018. Lady Diva never replied to the invitation to play the inscrutable Blue Fairy, aka Mother Superior, aka Zelena. Enter: Ontario’s KCT for 35 episodes among the mixed bag of  fairy tale/fantasy characters and Disney toys  such as  Aladdin, Anastasia, Beowulf,  Bo Peep, Captains Hook, and Nemo,  Jiminy Cricket, Cruella De Vil, Goldilocks, Hansel, Jafar,  Dr Jekyll (and Mr Hyde), King Arthur, Malelicent,  Peter Pan, Pinocchio,  Prince Charming, Queen of Hearts, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, Rumplestiltskin, Sir Lancelot, Snow Whjite and the seven dwarfs, Tinkerbell, Tom Sawyer, Wendy Darling… and even Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  4. Rooney Mara, Nightmare Alley, 2020.  Mexican director Guillermo del Toro said also looked over Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence for Bradley Cooper’s slow Burning thriller, He had co-starred with both before: Lady G  in the 2017 A Star Is Born and JLaw in three films: Silver Linings Playbook, 2011, Serena, 2012, and American Hustle, 2013.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Stefanie Joanne Angelina GermanottaCasting Calls:  4