Lea Massari

  1. Dawn Addams, L’éducation sentimentale (UK: Lessons in Love), France-Italy, 1961.   Italian money in the fourth film of Paris  critic turned auteur (and so-called Uncle of the New Wave) Alexandre Astruc., natually meant at least one Italian  star. So, Massari or Monica Vitti? Neither said Astruc,  insisting on the British Addams.  After all, she was good enough for Chaplin…. 
  2. Sylva Koscina, L’arme à gauche, France-Italy-Spain, 1964.    For his second film with Lino Ventura, the supreme realisateur Claude Sautet thought he’d won Massari as his leading lady. Turning up for work, he found Koscina onthe beach.“She wasn’t the character at all but…”
  3. Luciana Paluzzi, Thunderball, 1965.

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