Leo Carrillo

  1. Edward Arnold, The White Sister, 1932.    Carrillo was first choice for Father Saracinesca in the romantic Helen Hayes-Clark Gable tear-jerker according to a Hollywood Reporter news item.  Later famous as TV’s Cisco Kid, Carrillo must be the sole Hollywoodian to have both a beach and a state park named after him, in Califorina.
  2. Nils Asther, The Bitter Tea of General Yen, 1932.    Accents are accents…  Constance Bennett’s Christian missionary  fell for Chinese warlord Asther… who was Swedish!   Other contenders included British Leslie Banks and the Americans Carrillo, and Chester Morris. (Some 25 years later, in the similar (but true) Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Ingrid Bergman’s  missionary became involved (untrue) with Chinese Army officer  Curd Jürgens – who was German!).
  3. Edward Arnold, The White Sister, 1932.    Sudden change of Father Saracinesca (and his ethnicity) in the film giving birth to Cark Gable’s moustache… and remarkable career.

 Birth year: 1881Death year: 1961Other name: Casting Calls:  3