Leslie Grantham

  1. Maurice Colbourne, Doctor Who #133: Resurrection Of The Daleks, TV, 1984.         Producer John Nathan-Turner wanted a name for Commander Lytton… like Grantham (not yet Dirty Den), Meg Bennett, Brian Blessed, Kenneth Cope, Timothy Dalton (the future Lord President in #202: The End of Time, 2000), Alfred Lynch, Clive Merrison (BBC Radio’s Sherlock Holmes), Terry Molloy (aka Davros), John Rhys-Davies, Maurice Roëves. Plus several of the astonishing army of 203 candidates for just 18 roles in that year’s Lifeforce movie mess: Nicholas Ball, Steven Berkoff, Tom Chadbon, Paul Darrow, Michael Gothard, Don Henderson, Del Henney (he became Colonel Archer), Martin Jarvis, Michael Jayston, Edward Peel, George Sewell, Patrick Stewart, Anthony Valentine and David Warner. All 25 up for one role in Doctor Who.  Preposterous!
  2. William Sleigh, Doctor Who #133: Resurrection of the Daleks, TV, 1984.         The Doctor made him… Having lost Commander, the future soap star was given the choice of Galloway or Kiston opposite Doc5 Peter Davison. As Galloway was killed off early, Grantham voted Kitson. “More screen time!” (But no credit!). The same producer, Matthew Robinson, turned Grantham into Dirty Den of the EastEnders soap (where he’d call other characters Davros or Kitson). Grantham was encouraged to try professional acting by Louise Jameson, aka Leela, Doc4 Tom Baker‘s travelling rug – during her duties as a spare time Prison Visitor. She had seen him in a prison play while Grantham was serving a life sentence for murder. When a soldier stationed in Germany, he shot a taxi-driver during a robbery attempt. He was released after ten years. By 2012, Grantham had won 43 screen roles.
  3. John Stratton, Doctor Who #140: The Two Doctors, TV, 1985.       The two Time Lords were Doc2 Patrick Troughton and Doc 6, the short lived Colin Baker. Shockeyes fwere more plentiful. The 22 prospects e were: Henderson, Stratton, Joss Ackland, George Baker, Ian Bannen, Brian Blessed, Denholm Elliott, James Ellis, Frank Finlay, Ronald Fraser, Michael Gothard, Donald Houston, Freddie Jones, Jeremy Kemp, Roy Kinnear, Ronald Lacey, TP McKenna, Aubrey Morris, Donald Pleasence, Peter Sallis, George Sewell, Peter Vaughan.

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