Lila Kedrova

1. – Simone Signoret, La Vie devant soi (US: Madame Rosa), France, 1977. Simone had learned her lesson back in 1964 when she didn’t like how she looked as Madame Hortense and passed Zorba The Greek (and the support Oscar) to Kedrova). This time, it must be said, Signoret looked worse but leapt at the offer of another old madame. The relationship between the old hooker and the kid called Momo was highly reminiscent of Michel Simon and the boy in Le Viele Homme et l’Enfant made by Claude Berri in 1967. (Given Simone’s suddenly aged looks, some suggested Simon was still playing the lead!). Berri, in fact, was to direct the film, until finding it impossible to explain to his choice, Roumanian diva Elvire Popesco, that at 83, her now theatrical magic didn’t gell on-screen. He mused upon Kedrova… and then quit.


 Birth year: 1918Death year: 2000Other name: Casting Calls:  1