Little Richard

  1. James Brown,  The Blues Brothers, 1979.   “Everyone in the movie, the parts were written specifically for them,” John Landis told Deadline’s co-editor Mike Fleming Jr, August 16, 2018.  “The only person that we didn’t get in the movie that we wanted, was Little Richard. We hoped he would be the preacher. At that moment in ’79 when we started shooting, Little Richard had found Jesus, again, and was back in Tennessee in his church. He lost Jesus, several times, and found him again and again. So Jesus took Little Richard. We moved James Brown into that role, and we cut out the part we had written for James.”

  2. Randy Quaid, Cold Dog Soup, 1990.    Jack Cloud was an altogether different kind of taxi driver taking folks on bizarre trips to ethnicity. Cloud was Caribbean and Little Richard was penciled in, rubbed out and replaced by Whoopi Goldberg who then erased herself.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Richard Wayne PennimanUsual occupation: SingerCasting Calls:  2