Logan Marshall-Green


  1. Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy, 2011.    Change of Maleficent when the suits decided on a different approach  for the character – in a cast of fairytale/fantasy favourites  and Disney toys such as Aladdin, Anastasia, Beowulf,  Bo Peep, Captains Hook, and Nemo,  Cruella De Vil, Goldilocks, Hansel, Jafar, Dr Jekyll (and Mr Hyde), King Arthur, Peter Pan, Pinocchio,  Prince Charming,  Queen of Hearts, Rapunzel, Robin Hood, Rumplestiltskin, Sir Lancelot, Snow Whjte and the seven dwarfs, Tinkerbell, Tom Sawyer, Wendy Darling… and even Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo;s Nest!    (Jiminy Cricket was a therapist).
  2. Sam Riley, Maleficent, 2012.  Gael García Bernal, George Blagden and Jim  Sturgess were also  up for Diaval as another  fairy tale joined the Hollywood  reboots –  from the viewpoint of Sleeping Beauty’s nemesis, the titular Angelina Jolie, no less. Not released until 2014.
  3. Michael K Williams, RoboCop, 2013.     The old model had a  female cop partner. This  weak rebooted model  – after Bernal, Logan Marshall-Green and Alexander Skarsgård were passed over – had a black chort. Suitably enough, considering the new robo-design was black, too. Not, alas, the script. 
  4. Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy, 2013.    The most Lucasian of the Marvel films…  All  the usual prerequisites were the (crowded)  battle of new Hollywood guys for Peter Quill/Star Lord…  Seven TV finds (Pratt, Cam Gigandet, Jack Huston, John Krasinski, James Marsden, Lee Pace, Aaron Paul),  three science fiction favourites (Jensen Ackles, Garrett Hedlund Michael Rosenbaum), a couple of  triples (LMG and JGL: Joseph Gordon-Levitt) two hot Brits (Eddie Redmayne, Jim Sturgess),  two Aussies (Joel Edgerton, Sullivan Stapleton), two Total Outsiders (Chris Lowell and Glenn Howerton). And an ex-hottie on the comeback trail (Wes Bentley).


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