Louis Gossett (Jr)

  1. Sidney Poitier, Blackboard Jungle, 1954.      If MGM wanted one (any!) of their remaining contract guys as the schoolteacher Dadier, director Richard Brooks insisted on “new faces, unpolished actors” as the pupils. And he found them – future director Paul Mazursky and future M*A*S*H  TV star Jamie Farr, Vic Morrow (beating Steve McQueen to his role) and Gossett (around the right age at 18) losing to Poitier… Who was 28!
  2. Moses Gunn, WUSA, 1970.     He preferred The Laughing Policeman – obviously. It gave him a third lead instead of seven lines.
  3. Paul Winfield, The Terminator, 1983.  Edward James Olmos was also in themixfor the pragmatic, honest cop, Lieutenant Ed Traxler.
  4. Tom Skerritt, Top Gun, 1985.  Gossett and Jon Voight were up for US Navy Commander Mike “Viper” Metcalf. An easy pass for Gossett (who won an Oscar for this film’s inspiration, Officer and Gentleman!)  as he had just  finished playing another veteran mentor of jet fighter pilots in Iron Eagle. And that was the lead role!
  5. Anthony Hopkins, The Silence of the Lambs,1989.
  6. Montel Williams, The Peacekeeper, 1996.    Change of Colonel Northrop. After Lou read the script?  A real  Gossett lookalike, Williams was a BS talk-show host! Director Albert Pyun has repeatedly apologised for the film. And released bis own cut. No better.
  7. Beau Bridges, Stargate SG-1, TV, 2005-2007.      Lou and Stacy Keach were considered for the new SGC commanding officer, General Hank Landry, in seasons nine and ten


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