Lucie Arnaz

  1. Stockard Channing, Grease..  , 1977.     Lucille Ball was furious that her daughter… Lucy’s daughter…  Lucie, was expected test for Rizzo. Didn’t matter. New star John Travolta had more clout than old Lucy and approved producer Allan Carr’s bizarre choice of Channing – from The Fortune flop with Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson. Bad enough that Lucie was 26, but Channing was the oldest high school girl in movie history. At 33! “Allan showed up on the set with a brown pencil and started dotting freckles on my nose, so I’d look younger. I just look[ed] dottier.”  Cinematographer Bill Butler was already using soft lenses on Olivia Newton-John, 29 and John Travolta, 23, while Carr closely examined all his “kids” for crow’s-feet. If ever a film required botox!

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