Lucy Davis

  1. Julia Swalha, Pride and Prejudice, TV, 1995.   The future Dawn of The Office, 2001-2003, was first seen for Lydia Bennett (played by Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous) before becoming Maria Lucas.
  2. Molly Shannon, Partners, TV, 2012.    The stars were set – David Krumholtz, Michael Ure as the titular architects, one straight, one gay, and their partners Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh.The incidentals were harder to settle. The British Davis – best remembered as Dawn in The (UK) Office – was invited to beRenata, droll bookkeeper for Bush’s jewelry boutique owner. After the pilot’s table read, Renata was dropped and replaced by the guest-starring role of Cassandra – for theSaturday Night Live alumna.

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