Lukas Haas

  1. Jared Leto, The Thin Red Line, 1998.    Among the multitude vying for places in director Terrence Malick’s return, 20 years after Days of Heaven. Haas (the kid Witness in the 1984 Harrison Ford-Kelly McGllis thriller) was part of the famous March 1995 reading of the  scenario at producer Mike Medavoy’s house. Also taking part: Kevin Costner, Ethan Hawke, Dermot Mulroney and Martin Sheen (from Malick’s 1972 Badlands). .  None of them made the movie.
  2. Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds, TV, 2005-2019.   Not really into TV series (nor were TV series) when he was offered Dr Spencer Reid of the FBI BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit).  He agreed to guest as the stuttering  Footpath Killerin the opening two-parter in 2005 –  #101:Extremer Aggressor and #102: Compulsion. 


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