Lynda Bellingham

  1. Ania Marson, Nicholas and Alexandra, 1970.   The suitably regal Marson was among nine young Brits – Jane Asher (an ITV Juliet in 1962), Angela Down, the Montreal-born Lynda Bellingham, , Judy Matheson, Mary Maude, Charlotte Rampling, plus two actors’ daughters,  Donald’s Angela Pleasence and  Dinah Sheridan’s Jenny Hanley   –  tested for the oldest child of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia: the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna. The entire royal family was assassinated in July 1918.
  2. Elspeth Gray, Doctor Who #111: Arc of Infinity, 1982.       In as Chancellor Thalia, then out and Gray subbed in a rare Whoverse tale feauring two Doctors. Well, one had not yet kissed the sonic screwdriver… They were Doc5 Peter Davison – and, playing a zealot called Commander Maxi, his successor, Doc6 Colin Baker. Lynda went on to be The Inquisitor in the season-long #143: Trial of a Time Lord, 1986
  3. Tara Ward, Doctor Who #130: Warriors of The Deep, 1984.   For Doc5 Peter Davison’s finale, 18 stunners were shuffled for Preston… Bellingham, Ward, Sarah Berger, Isla Blair, Suzanne Danielle, Patricia Finnegan, Jenny Hanley, Diane Keen, Rula Lenska (Dr Styles in #133: Resurrection of the Daleks, TV, 1984), Susan Penhaligon (Lakis in #64: The Time Monster, 1972), Bond Girl Pamlea Salem, Susan Skipper, Catherine Schell (Countess Scarlioni in #105: City of Death, 1979), Primi Townsend (Mula in #99: The Pirate Planet, 1978), Wanda Ventham (the mother of Benedict Cumberbatch), Fiona Walker… and two Ken Russell favourites: Georgina Hale and Helen Mirren. 
  4. Polly James, Doctor Who #131: The Awakening, TV, 1984.         Imagine Glenda Jackson and Helen Mirren up for the same Whoverse role. Plus Bond ladies, Honor Blackman, Judi Dench, Diana Rigg and Pamela Salem. Well, producer John Nathan-Taylor had a female casting/dart) board, as well one for the guys.   As proved by his 18 choices for Jane Humpden in Doc5 Peter Davison’s four-parter. The others were Bellingham, James, Eleanor Bron, Pauline Collins, Diane Keen, Jean Marsh, Sheila Ruskin, Barbara Shelley, Sylvia Syms, Wanda Ventham, Fiona Walker, Penelope Wilton.

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