Lynn Bari

  1. Rita Hayworth, Blood and Sand, 1940.        Retreading Rudolph Valentino’s 1921 silent classic, Tyrone Power was the poor matador toyed with by the manipulative socialite vamp, Doña Sol,embodied byBari, Betty Grable, Hedy Lamarr, Dorothy Lamour, Carole Landis, Mona Maris, Maria Montez, Jane Russell or Gene Tierney.. ?   No, it was  Hayworth…  in her first colour movie.  Bari was compensated with a cameo as Power’s sister, Encarnacion.
  2. Cobina Wright Jr, Moon Over Miami, 1940.   All primed for Connie Fentress, Bari was suddenly churned into Vivian Dawn in Sun Valley Serenade – with two other Miami candidates, Joan Davis and John Payne. That was the Fox way. Much the same at MGM, too.
  3. Virginia Gilmore, That Other Woman, 1941.     Imagine this… Director Ray McCarey boasted so much about Bari’s great work as Emily Borden during the first eight days – that she was removed from the proceedings and transferred to China Girl… which she promptly stole from Gene Tierney. McCarey said his was a low budget film. Sure started that way. Lamar Trotti sold his story to Fox for $1.
  4. Vivian Blair, Nob Hill, 1944.       Director Henry Hathaway was caught between Bari and Blaine – not to mention a second bad re-tread of Alexander’s Ragtime Band, 1937 which, recalled New York Times critic Bosley Crowther, had been nothing to write home about in the first place.

 Birth year: 1917Death year: 1989Other name: Casting Calls:  4