Maitland Ward

  1. Selma Blair, Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane, TV, 1999-2000.  Maitland was tipped for Zoe Bean – after three years as Rachel McGuire on Boy Meets World, and an earlier three year stint – as Jessica Forrester – on The Bold and the Beautiful. The tall readhead  then lived up to that title by transferring to some 50 X-rated movies – from Wet and Wild (ho hum!) to her Mistress Maitland and Professor Ward series during 2019- 2022.  ”I realised I had such a passion in me for doing sexual performance,:” she told Yahoo Life. “I’m unapologetic about sex…but I think it’s me in my truth and everything. When I was young, I was so apologetic for so many years. I will never apologise anymore.” Her book tells all: Rated X: How Porno Liberated Me From Hollywood.  1 & 2

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