Marc Evan Jackson

  1. Joe Lo Trugilo, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, TV, 2014.     After  five  years, Michael Schur created the first  police precinct comedy since Barney Miller, 1974-1982. He continued his Parks and Recreation-style hunt for  the  funniest folk in  regular and guest roles. Jackson had a recurring Parks role and Schur  called him in for  the clumsy Detective Charles Boyle. He  better suited  the classics professor husband of the gay Captain Holt (Andre Braugher). “There was no need to chase our tail and find a bigger star,” said Schur. “With any guest star… it’s about making the show as good as possible. Someone once asked Joe DiMaggio why he played so hard every day. ‘You never know when there’s someone who hasn’t seen me play.’ That’s how I feel about TV.  You don’t know when one person will see your show for the first time.” 

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