Margo Lion

  1. Madeleine Cheminat, Tout feu, tout flamme (All Fired Up), France, 1981.    Not easy finding Isabelle Adjani’s  grandmother, who is also Yves Montand’s mother.   With help from Jean-Claude Brialy and Marlene Dietrich’s pal, Sacha Briquet, Euro casting icon Dominique Besnehard met such old lady actresses as Janine Crispin, Danielle Darrieux, Madeleine Ozeray, Jane Crispin. And Margo, a Franco-German lesbian  chanteuese of the  Berlin and Paris ’30s. He  found her home full of photos of Dietrich – “the greatest love of my life.” Meeting the mall was, said Besnehard, like  being dropped into a live history of cinema.

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