Marie Versini

  1. Jean Seberg, Bonjour Tristesse, 1957.    Producer-director-ogre Otto Preminger, was in Paris searching for Cécile in his film of Françoise Sagan’s celebrated first novel. “My mother decided to send in my photo – a horrible amateur snap,” recalled the dazzling Versini. Silence… Then, as the family was on their annual summer  holiday in Granville, a telegram arrived. Tests with Preminger on August 10…  Marie’s birthday! Not necessarily  a good omen. “There were ten of us there. But it was just a publicity stunt. He’d already chosen Jean Seberg.” But Marie was photographed for  Elle magazine, leading to a stage play (with Jean-Louis Trintignant), her first movie role  in A Tale of Two Cities  opposite Dirk Bogarde in London, Paris Blues with Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier and making her name as  the. sister  of Winnetou in the German Westerns made from the Karl May books.  In all, the amateur snap led to  43 screen roles in 24 years.

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