Maris Cuadra

  1. Elisa Montés, Return of the Seven, 1966.  Well, two of them did…!   Yul Brynner reprised Chris but with Robert Fuller hopelessly lost as Steve McQueen’s scene-(indeed, film-) stealing Vin. While new director Burt Kennedy  looked over new guys for the old saddles, producer Ted Richmond  was in Spain chatting up possibles for the least important element of the  franchise:  The Woman.  He met with the Italian Monica Vitti (hardly Western material) and the French Thunderball  Bond Girl Claudine Auger. He chose Maria Cuadra, who proved to be pregnant, and. therefore, he signed Montés, from a spaghetti Western, cashing in on  the key words of recent spaghetti  hits 7 dollari sul rosso akaSeven Dollars to Kill.

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