Martha Raye

  1. Paulette Goddard, The Cat and the Canary, 1938.    The seven-times wed comic was known as The Big Mouth or The Female Bob Hope. They had recently made Never Say Die, 1938, and she was, therefore, on his latest co-star list.  So was Shirley Ross, his partner in Some Like It Hot (oh yes!), 1938. Both were shunted aside when the bigger Goddard became available during Chaplin’s problems with their Great Dictator, 1939.
  2. Marguerite Chapman, Bloodhounds of Broadway, 1952.  Change of Yvonne in what Fox fearlessly called a musical – set in Damon Runyon country.  As underlined by such hoods as Numbers Foster, Poorly Sammis, Lookout Louis, Curtaintime Charlie… Madonna’s 1989 version was way better.

 Birth year: 1916Death year: 1994Other name: Casting Calls:  2