Marty Feldman

  1. Mickey Rooney, Bons Baisers de Hong Kong, France, 1975.      Marty was all set for the French farce – about the kidnapping of Queen Elizabeth II – when Ther Mick became available. So did 007’s M, Moneypenny, Sheriff Pepper and, naturally, car stunts createdby Rémy Julienne
  2. Sean Hayes, The Three Stooges, 2011.      In 1974, Mel Brooks found it impossible to come up with a full-length slap-happy Stooges movie. He’d lined up Feldman for the simpleton Larry Fine and De Luise for the manic Curly. Mel was to be Moe or Shemp – not in this Farrelly brothers’ version… which proved Brooks right. “It’s so hard to sustain a plot that could withstand their antics for that long.” With his freuqently broken nose from boxing days in the Jewish Lads Brigade and bulbous eyes after a thyroid operation, Feldman claimed he had the right packaging for a clown. And a very happy, far from sad clown he was – “the clown prince,”said Eric Idle.

 Birth year: 1933Death year: 1982Other name: Casting Calls:  2