Mary Badham

  1. Sondra Locke, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, 1967.   Carson McCullers’ first novel   about a deaf mute – cruelly called Singer – was aimed  at Warren Beatty, Montgomery Clift, George Peppard and finally, Alan Arkin. But as the New York Times reported, as many as  “165 unknown and would-be actresses” were seen in single day’ by casting director Marion Dougherty for Mick – an “unspoiled, 14-year-old tomboy, not beautiful but appealing, not grown up but not a child.” “Cattle calls” were staged in Atlanta, Savannah and McCullers’s hometown of Columbus, where the story took place.  Locke drove from from Shelbyville to Birmingham and was later taken to New York City for a final audition. At least two other girls became famous: Mary Badham (Gregory Peck’s daughter in To Kill a Mockingbird, 1961) and Bonnie Bedelia (Mrs Bruce Willis’ in the Die Hard franchise.  While lovers during 1975-1990,  Clint Eastwood   made six films with Sondra.


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