Maurice LaMarche

  1. Bruce Willis, Moonlighting, TV, 1985-1989.        Apart from Robert Blake, tyhe idea was an unknown as private eye David Addison Jr – opposite Cybill Shepherd. In they trooped… Actor-writer Rick Dees from Florida. Cyb’s favourite, Harley Venton from Kate & Allie. And the guy she feared after three call-backs, LaMarche, the Canadian stand-up and impressionist – known for voicing Orson Welles, Transformers and Monty Pythonesque (vixdeo-game) voices. Presumably, she feared he might steal the show. No, Willis did that!…  until Willis’ cool settled it. 
  2. Kevin Michael Richardson, The Batman, TV, 2004-2008.   Maybe  auditioning for The Joker with an Anthony Hopkins/Hanniobal Lecter impression wasn’t such a good idea… And so KMR became the first black actor to voice the villain in 20 of the 65 toon episodes  – just one of his 513  vocal gigs in 28 years! Including Principal Lewis in American Dad, The Simpsons’ Anger Watkins plus… Sheriff Blubs, Buzz Buzzard, Clayface, Bill Cosby, Cuthbert Crawley (!), Demongo, Diddlysaurus, Ego the Living Planet, Golem, Groot, Bob Hope, Jabba The Hut, J’onn J’onzz, Martin Luther King,  Lobo,  Emperor Milleous,   Shaquille O‘Neal, Slim Possible, Barney Rubble, Santa Claus, The Shredder, Trigon, Tumbaa, Melvin Van Pdeebles… and President Barack Obama.

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