Melissa George

  1. Rena Sofer, Coupling, TV, 2003.     The Aussie sweetie could have helped save the appalling US version of the BBC hit but she was dropped after the pilot and Sofer took over being  Susan Freeman.    Even Jeff Zucker, ex-NBC chief, later confessed:  “It just sucked.”  Rena went on to 24, Heroes, NCIS, while Melissa triumphed in Alias, Gray’s Anatomy, In Treatment, Lie To Me and Hunted. The UK Susan, 2000-04, was the delicious Sarah Alexander.
  2. Lauren German, The Divide, Canada-Germany-US, 2010.       “The lucky ones died in  the [nucear] blast,” said the poster. Plus those (Melissa, Robert Patrick] who missed the original project – blown off by the 2010 eruption of  Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano. (Eyjafjallajökull was the name of a French comedy (!) in 2013. None of the public could pronounce it).

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