Michael Dunn

  1. Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek: The Cage (1st pilot), TV, 1964.  
  2. David Bennent, Die Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum), West Germany-France- Poland-Yugoslavia, 1978.  The book’s author, Günter Grass, had asked the 3’11” American dwarf actor to be Oskar in the film  of  the boy who literally refused to grow up.  He died five years before production began. Director Volker Schlondorff replaced him with a child of 12, son of the German actor Heinz Bennent (also in the Cannes and Oscar winning film). While Dunn (whose IQ was 178) would josh about there being  scant competition for his roles, he grew frustrated with just another horror movie midget…  “I don’t want to play Charlton Heston parts, but there are a lot of roles I can do.” He played 34, including  in The Abdication,  No Way To Treat A Lady, Ship of Fools, TV’s Wild Wild West  and, dare one say it,. You’re A Big Boy Now for Francis Ford Coppoia.

 Birth year: 1934Death year: 1973Other name: Casting Calls:  2