Michael Hampton-Cain

1. – Paul Reiser, Diner, 1981. Unfortunately for Michael, his fellow-comic buddy needed socks for a Florida gig. Macy’s was in the same direction, so the two stand-ups went to the auditions together. While Michael did his thing inside, , Barry Levinson’s casting director Ellen Chenoweth overheard Reiser outside – entertaining the guys with his his improv riffs. “Gotta headshot?” she asked. “Not here. At home.” “Bring it tomorrow.” He did and “hey,” said Daniel Stern, “this guy’s gonna steal the fucking movie!” He didn’t but made a huge impact on TV, second only to Seinfeld, with Mad About You, 1992-99. And Hampton-Cain remains unknown with just one tele-movie credit, circa 1991. 

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