Michel Duchaussoy

  1. Claude Brasseur, Les seins de glace (UK: Someone Is Bleeding), France-Italy, 1974.    Talk about the  power game…   Paris auteur Jean-Pierre Mocky was invited to writer-direct a film of Rjchard Matheson’s 1953 novel, Someone is Bleeding, with a French tile meaning: Icy Breasts!  Mocky signed up Delpn, Jon Finch and Mia Farrow as the woman who kills any man getting too close… With four weeks to go, Delon phones. “I’ve been thinking – it’s Mireille Darc and  Michel Duchaussoy,”   (Darc was his lover). Mocky replied: “Alain, I love Mireille Darc, but I don’t see her in this role.” Delon snaps: “It’s that or nothing”. And he hung up. Delon switched his services to  Les Granges Brûlées.   Mocky decided to take over his role opposite Jane  Birkin. She proves unavaiaible. Shooting cancelled. Delon bides his time and  pounces on the rjghts when they became available. He hires Georges Lautner to direct in 1974. With Delon, Darc and Michel – er, no Claude Brasseur, all of a sudden.
  2. Francis Perrin, Les vacances du petit Nicolas, France, 2013.   Change of Le directeur in the sequel to Le petit Nicolas, 2008, based on the comicbook creation of Rene Gosciny and Jean-Jacques Sempe.  The film was dedicated to Bernadette Lafont, the French Nouvelle Vague icon, who died just before playing Nicolas’ granny in what would have been her 191st film since Truffaut’s short, Les mistons, in 1957.

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