Mike Kalinowski

  1. Grant Gustin, Arrow, TV, 2012-2020. Apparently, guys galore were seen for Flashing in Green /Oliver Queen’s show.  Including Texan actor-producer Matt Barr, Young and Restless alum Mike Kalinowski, actor-composer James Mackay and Pittsburg’s Andy Mientus.  All to no avail as casting director David Rapaport saw Gustin first, knew there was no one better than this “affable, dorky, charming, fun dude.” Gustin made such an impact that a pilot was ordered to give the scarlet speedster his own series in the Arrowverse during 2014-2021. Gustin was born in 1990, the year of the first Flash series starring John Wesley Shipp – now playing Gustin’s father. And to close the circle, they were both born in Norfolk. Virginia. Must be something in the water.
  2. Rick Cosnett, The Flash, TV, 2014-2021. He was called back for the  new Flash spinoff.  The role on offer was Eddie Thawne – created for the series, and not  previously part of the Arrowverse.

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