Mitzi Green

  1. Ann Miller, Tarnished Angel, 1938.     As the title changed from Sing, Sister and Miracl Racket, so did Sally Eilers’ co-star – from Green to Miller… in the eleventh of her 48 screen roles during 1933-2001.
  2. Virginia Weidler, Best Foot Forward, 1942.   When Columbia’s detested chieftain Harry Cohn couldn’t get Shirley Temple and Rita Hayworth for a film of the Broadway hit. For the Temple role, MGM saw Pararamount’s Temple before going to her greatest rival. This was Widler’s final film, at age 16, after 45 credits in eleven years. In 1939, John Barrymore called her Hollywood’s greatest actress.

 Birth year: 1920Death year: 1969Other name: Casting Calls:  2