Nadaja Tiller

  1. Debra Paget, Der Tiger von Eschnapur (UK: Tigress  of Bengal; US: Fritz Lang’s The Tiger of Eschnapur), West Germany-France-Italy,  1958.  .   For his two-part India epic about an Euro architect and a mararajah falling for the same dancer,  the iconic German director Fritz Lang wanted a genuine Indian as Seetha.  Bollywood hadn’t started yet or he would have had plenty to choose from.  But  the most famous Indian beauty of the hour  was Anna Kashfi –  Marlon Brando’s first wife (during 1957-1959, until he discovered she was (apparently)  born Joan O’Callaghan in Wales.  Lang then considered Nadja Tiller, an ex-Miss Austria, who’d  just had a huge German hit with, indeed as the titular hooker, Das Mädchen Rosemarie (US: Rosemary),  still the most famous of her 127 screen roles.  Finally, Lang   settled for Hollywood’s incandescent Debra Paget – an Indian  temple dancer born in  Denver, Colorado!
  2. Debra Paget, Das indische Grabmal (UK/US: The Indian Tomb), West Germany-France-Italy, 1958.    Idem.

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