Neil Hamilton

  1. John Boles, Child of Manhattan, 1932.    After two weeks as the wealthy Paul Vanderkill, Hamilton was replaced by Boles… opposite Nancy Carroll in the film of a Preston Sturges play.
  2. Jack Haley, Beyond The Blue Horizon, 1941.      Change of light relief in the wierd adventure starring Richard Denning as vine-swinging apeish-man called Jackra The Magnificent. Paramount’s answer to MGM. With a chimp called Muk, swiftly changed to GoGo due to F word proximity. And giving Haley the line: “Where did Go-Go go?” Or Jackra, for that matter. It’s quite possible that the sight of the blond Denning in a loin-cloth led to the choice of lookalike Lex Baker as the seventh Tarzan eight years later. During 1966-1968, Hamilton was the TV Batman’s Commissioner Gordon.

 Birth year: 1899Death year: 1984Other name: Casting Calls:  2