Nina Axelrod

  1. Sean Young, Blade Runner, 1981.     For the author, Philip K Dick, the perfect Rachael was the Dallas TV star, Victoria Principal. UK wiz Ridley Scott didn’t agree. He saw Axelrod, Barbara Hershey, Grace Jones, Victoria Prinncipal and Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick before settling upon Young. During their tests, Deckard was played by Morgan Paull- given Holden for his pains. Axelrod was an LA casting director and actress – talk about win-win. Well, usually.
  2. Chevy Chase, !Three Amigos, 1986.  Writer-producer-star Steve Martin’s original choice of  pardners – the brothers blue, Aykroyd and John Belushi – ended up as Chase and Martin Short.   A funny movie, said director John Landis. And not only because his trio couldn’t ride horses.

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