Oliver Hardy

  1. Stan Laurel, Get ‘Em Young, 1926.     Before  the greatest comedy team began…  Laurel was directing “Babe” Hardy as a butler.  He fell ill.  Laurel filled in. They co-starred in the next one: Slipping Wives, first of their 105 films. They actually first appeared in a “Bronco” Billy Anderson production, Lucky Dog, in 1917, but not as a team. together. In fact, Stan made 76 films without Ollie and Ollie 213 sans Stan.
  2. Max Davidson, Ragagedy Rose, 1926. Once again, Stan Laurel  was writer and co-director – determined to  relaunch Mabel Normand. Although in no way connected with his murder, her career had ceased due to the  the scandal of her affair  with director William Desmond  Taylor. Ollie dropped out  as her ragman boss for the same reason he quit Get ‘Em Young, he was recovcering from burning his hand  and damaging a leg in a kitchen accident.  Film flopped.  Normand was finished.
  3. WC Fields, David Copperfield, 1935.     Producer David Selznick’s first idea of Mr Micawber, before Fields finished what Charles Laughton started.  Since starting the Laurel &  Hardy team, Ollie made three solo outings only:  Zenobia, 1939, with Harry Langdon;  John Wayne’s Fighting Kentuckian, 1949; and Bing Crosy’s Riding High, 1950.  
  4. Charles Dale, Two Tickets To Broadway, 1951.   The roles played by Charles Dale & Joe Smith were originally intended for Laurel & Hardy, who had to quit due to an illness contracted by Stan while making the French Atoll K, 1951 – their final film.  Two years later, Ollie was dead. And Stan never worked again.

 Birth year: 1892Death year: 1957Other name: Casting Calls:  4