Oscar Homolka

  1. Robert Morley, Marie-Antoinette, 1938.    Accents are accents… She was Austrian, not her husband! For Hollywood, any accent – even Homolka’s heavy Viennese tones – suited Louis XV.
  2. Akim Tamiroff, For Whom The Bell Tolls,1942.  There was a  veritable A List  for important  support roles: Edward Arnold, Wallace Beery, Lee J Cobb, Charles Laughton, Thomas Mitchell and Edward G Robinson.  Plus two graduates  of Vienna’s Academy of Music and  Dramatic Arts: Oscar Homolka and Fritz Kortner – and the Spanish-born opera singer-playwright-novelist-composer Fortunio Bonanova.


 Birth year: 1898Death year: 1978Other name: Casting Calls:  2