Parker Young

  1. Zachary Levi, Shazam! 2018.   A month after Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel opened in 2019, Levi arrived as… Captain Marvel.  (He sold more comics than Superman in the 40s). The fact that DC and Marvel had superheroes with the same name was solved in 2011 when DC rebranded him… Shazam!  He’s really a kid of 14, given superpowers (and body) by the wizard called, er, Shazam. When Billy Batson yells Shazam, he becomes, er, Shazam! Think Superboy in Superbloke’s body. With Robert Downey/Ryan Reynolds insouciance, Levi won what he calls Superman Meets Big (his favourite films as a tot), so he’s surely the sole actor in DC, Disney and Marvel movies. “That leaves only Harry Potter and Star Wars…” Other contenders were Parker Young (Alex Davies in Arrow). wrestler John Cena, The Hulk’ss on Lou Ferrigno Jr, Zane Holtz (TV’s From Dusk To Dawn), Jake McDorman, Billy Magnussen, Brandon Molale, Joshua Sasse (Galavant), Derek Theler (nearly Captain America in 2010).  Plus Seinfeld’s Puddy, Patrick Warburton – but that was  in 2001 when he was another superfunny, TheTick… and Shazam! had just started development.

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