Pascale Vignal

1. – Isabelle Nanty, La Passion Béatrice, France, 1986. It was a beginning. At 17. A small role of a waitress at a guinguette. She had another bit in Autour de Minuit. “I like seeing actors in small roles’ said dcioector Bertrand Tavernier. “That’s when you can see if they’re good or not.” Pascal was good enough for Tavernier to go see her in a stage play – where he offered her the role of Beatrice’s nurse. But, helas, the theatre came first. Next time, when he offered the role of the teacher in La Vie et rien d’autre, it took a lot of bargaining – and Tavernier paying for new posters – with het stage producers to free her for the film. Pascale, “an amande fresh andf vulnerable,” said regular Tavernier scenarist Jean Cosmos. 

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