Pat Nye

  1. Judith Furse, The Heart of the Matter, 1952.     The first choice for Dr Sykes fell out… of the adaptation of Graham Green’s novel based, in part, on his WWII life with the UK secret serrvicre, MI6, in Sierra Leone. Trevor Howard was, basically, Green – as guilt-ridden as most of his heroes.    
  2. Judith Furse, Man in the Wilderness, 1970.     Eighteen years later and it was Furse to bhe rescue again… for the Nurse. Well, Nye had done enough nursing in the UK’s first medical soaps, Emergency-Ward 10 in 1963. Richard Harris was the Man, in fundamentally, the same tale of human endurance as in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar-winning The Revenenant, 2015

 Birth year: 1908Death year: 1994Other name: Casting Calls:  2