Patricia Clarkson


  1. Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct, 1991. 
  2. Wendy Crewson, The Santa Clause, 1994. For the  ex-wife of Tim Allen – the man who killed Santa! – Disney looked at Crewson, Clarkson, Kate Burton, Sally Field, Jennifer Grey, Goldie Hawn, Patrica Heaton, Angelica Huston, Nicole Kidman, Mary McDonnell, Pamela Reed, Molly Ringwald, Julia Roberts and Ally Sheedy.Joe Dante, Richard Donner, even Steven Spielberg were Disney’s dream wishes to direct.
  3. Allison Janney, The Object of My Affection, 1997.  No fan of Wendy Wasserstein’s script, Clarkson backed away from being Jennifer Aniston’s step-sister in what was a fine adaptation of the Christopher McCauley novel.

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