Patricia Ellis

  1. Renee Whitney,  Footlight Parade, 1933.   Change of Cynthia Kent. Ellis called herself “the Queen of B pictures at Warner Brothers” –  and rightly so, after 44 movies in seven years! Whitney was the US-German friend of Glenda Farrell. They often worked together.    

  2. Charlotte Henry, March of the Wooden Soldiers, 1933.  Michigan’s Ellis was in the mix for Bo Peep in Hal Roach’s  live action-plus-animation musical starring Laurel and Hardy.  Young Charlotte next tackled Alice in Wonderland at Paramount.    

  3. Margaret Lindsay, Lady Killer, 1933.  Or The Finger Man when  Eliis was in the mix to support James Cagney(with a serious ‘tash) and Mae Clarke (without Jimmy’s grapefruit in her face, this time).  All very B been much as the credits couldn’t  even spell  co-scenarist Lilli Hayward’s name  correctly.

 Birth year: 1916Death year: 1970Other name: Casting Calls:  3