Patrick Timsit

  1. Michel Blanc, Les Grands Ducs, France, 1995. The three grandes – Jean-Pierre Marielle, Philippe Noiret, Jean Rochefort – felt the stand-up comic was wrong. They’d be be  embarrassed, the poor luvvies, to play the victims of Timsit’s greedy Jewish agent… and wanted to avoid any anti-Semitic slurs.  Réalisateur Patrice  Leconte called up Blanc for the  sixth of their seven  films. “We’re up against the wall,” Leconte told him. “You can charge what you like.”  He was never very proud of dropping Timsit (his Shaprio was suddenly renamed Chapiron!)  and made up for it by giving him Rue des plasirs  – and top model Laetitia Casta, no less! – in  2001.  (Not a good idea). In 1994, Blanc directed Timsit re-voicing  Blanc’s co-star, Roberto  Benigni,  in the French dubbing of Italy’s Il mostro (UK/US: The Monster.


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