Paul Gross

  1. Ken Olin, EZ Streets, TV, 1996-1997.       Cast as  Detective Cameron Quinn, until actor-director Olin made it his own.  Alas for a short period, as EZ was axed far too quickly, despite chosen by Time magazine as best TV show of ’96. So it blows. 
  2. Greg Kinnear As Good As It Gets, 1997.      The Canadian Mountie star of Due South, 1997-99, was told he was “too fine featured” – whatever that means – to be featured as Jack Nicholson’s gay neighbour.
  3. Bruce Greenwood, The Sweet Hereafter, Canada, 1997.      The Canadian lost Billy Ansel because… wait for it… he was too good-looking! “Paul is a very fine actor, and I was really close to casting him,” said director Atom Egoyan. “The problem is that he is really good-looking. Paul is very pretty. Bruce looked rougher.” Charming! Or, he probably tougher.
  4. Dave Broadfoot, Duct Tape Forever, 2002.      Stuck with being one of Men With Brooms, Gross has to hand over to Broadfoot inthe Canadiancomedy fill of local comics and the gang known as … Royal Canadian Air Farce.

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