Paul Nicholas

  1. Michael York, Cabaret, 1971. Various Brits were seen for Brian – based on author Christopher Isherwood.!  They included Tim Curry, not yet Dr Frank-N-Furter in rights; Timothy Dalton, the most recent Heathcliff; David Hemmings, Mr Blow Up; Jeremy Irons,  not yet chosen for movies; Malcolm McDowell, the Clockwork Orange;  John McEnery,  but not his starrier brother, Peter; Paul Nicholas, singer-actor;  Leonard Whiting, the 1967 Romeo. And  Bruce Robinson, who after 15 acting gigs, became a writer-director of such underground hits as the classic Withnail & I.    So how did York win?  “Hearing they were looking for ‘a Michael York type,’” he recalled in his 1991 autobiography, “I ventured to suggest that I might still possibly fill the bill.”

  2. Colin Eccleston, Doctor Who, TV, 2005.

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