Paul Shelley

  1. Martin Potter, Doctor Who #126: Terminus, TV, 1983.       Mary Ridge had as many as 16 Eirak choices for Doc 5 Peter Davison’s visit to the titular and leprous space station. Many of the usual suspects – Potter, Nicholas Ball (far from Fellini!), Ralph Bates, Christopher Cazenove, Tom Chadbon, Ben Cross, Richard Heffer, avdrts, Martin Jarvis, Jeff Rawle, Patrick Ryecart, Simons Ward and Williams. Plus Sean Arnold, Jack Galloway, Nigel Havers – and Shelley, aka Persuasion in #117: Four To Doomsday, 1982,
  2. Nicholas Ball, Lifeforce, 1984.
  3. Jack Galloway,   Doctor Who #131: The Awakening, TV, 1984.      Up for Joseph Willow in the Doc5 Peter Davison trip – Shelley, Galloway, Alun Armstrong, Nicholas Ball, Jim Broadbent, Tom Chadbon, John Hallam, Prentis Hancock, Del Henney, Roy Holder, Alan Lake, Terry Molloy, Edward Peel, Jeff Rawle, Carl Rigg, Donald Sumpter, Malcolm Tierney were familiar names from producer John Nathan-Taylor’s casting/dart board. He also voted for three newcomers: Geoffrey Bateman, Scott Fredericks, Ian Talbot.
  4. Eric Deacon, Doctor Who #141: Timelash, TV, 1985.       Director Pennant Roberts shuffled nine potentials for Mykros in the Doc6 Colin Baker adventure. Shelley, Deacon, Tom Chadbon, Michael Cochrane, brothers Christopher and Dominic Guard, Martin Potter, Patrick Ryecart and James Warwick. Shelley is the younger brother of Francis Matthews (who nver entered the Whoverse during 106 screen roles).
  5. Tom Chadbon, Doctor Who #143: The Trial of a Time Lord, TV, 1986.       As the franchise was as much on trial as Doc6 Colin Baker in the season-long 16 actors were flagpoled for Merdeen... Shelley, Chadbon,Tom Adams, Keith Barron, Brian Blessed, Hywel Bennett, Andrew Burt, Kenneth Colley, Peter Gilmore, Michael Gothard, Gareth Hunt, Paul Jerricho, Clive Merrison, Anthony Valentine, David Warner, James Warwick.

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