Paul Wesley


  1. Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries, TV, 2009-11.   Tested for the vicious and malevolent vampire, Damon Salvatore – and was awarded his brother, Stefan, a 160-year-old vampire involved with the series protagonist, Nina Debrov, in Mystic Falls, Virginia.
  2. Sam Rosen, The Oranges, 2010. The unknown Rosen virtually stole the dramedy with the tiny role of, as Canadian IMDb critic, Napiersblogs, put it “the hilariously sympathetic fiancé turned ex-fiancé turned super-aplogetic-ex-fiancé” of Leighton Meester – when she drops him for her Dad’s best pal. (Well, he was Hugh Laurie).

  3. Douglas Booth, Romeo and Juliet, Italy-US, 2013.  Forty-six years after the Franco Zeffirelli version another Italian’s take – from TV  director Carlo Carlei.  “So what fresh meat does this 2013 rehash bring to the table?”asked Austin Chronicle critic Kimberley Jones “Startlingly little, unless you favour the flavour of staggering insipidness,” was her reply.    
  4. Tom Wisdom, Romeo and Juliet, Italy-US, 2013.   And then Wisdom took over Count Paris from Wesley – the 2022 Captain James T Kirk in  Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The Shakespeare adaptation was  by scenarist Julian Fellowes, Oscar-winner for Gosford Park, Emmy-winner for Downton Abbey… you know, the series packed with Crawleys.  

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